Tips for Working at Home

We have found that attending virtual school when we're sitting home is not ideal––it's hard to stay motivated to keep up with work, our"work" space and our "relax" space are the same, and we don't about you, but staring at the computer makes our eyes and brain exhausted. 


We've found some tips for you to feel better when you're working from home.  

Reclaim Motivation

It's hard to get up, get to class, and to do homework. We feel you. Check out our tips for how to reclaim your motivation to get things done.

Stick to a Schedule

With each day being pretty much the same, and with no where  to go, it's tough to figure out how to fill the day. Lucky for you, we've gathered some tipes 

Protect Your Eyes & Reduce Strain

Staring at the computer so many hours a day can take a toll on our eyes.  Look below to see how we can protect our eyes.

Set-Up Your Space

We know the kitchen table isn't an ideal desk and sitting all day hurts our bodies. We've got some ideas for how to set up your space.

Reclaim Motivation 

Paul Tessi, a senior contributor at Forbes, posted 11 ways he stays motivated when working from home. Here's what he suggests: 

  • 1. Wake up early                                                   

  • 2. Put on actual clothes                                       

  • 3. Don't work where you sleep                           

  • 4. Make a schedule                                           

  • 5. Work out                                                         

  • 6. Earn rewards

  • 7. Don't have social media chat tabs or text open

  • 8 . Go outside

  • 9 . Talk to other human beings

  • 10. Declare war on distracting sites

  • 11. Have a side project to fill time

You can find the link to his whole story here.

We know a lot of these tips require a lot of self-talk and motivation themselves. Our suggestion––find an accountability partner. Maybe a friend, family member, or classmate, who also wants to get productive. Make a plan together and motivate each other to stick to it when times get tough.


Stick to a Schedule


When the days are the same, and you're stuck in the same place with the same people, it can be easy to lose track of time. Here are some ways we stick to our schedules: 

  • Use phone alarms to keep you on track & remind you to take a break.

  • Write out a to-do list, then check it off as you get things done. It's very satisfying. 

  • Plan how much time you want to spend doing each activity.

  • Use a calendar (either written or electronic) to plan everything out––this has helped me feel like my day has direction and structure.

  • Find an accountability partner. You both can keep each other on track. 

  • Get creative with your to-list or calendar, so you'll actually want to get things done!

    • Click here for a Pinterest page of how to make a creative to-do list. 


 Protect Your Eyes & Reduce Strain

Here are some helpful tips from the American Academy of Ophthalmology for reducing the strain on your eyes, especially when looking at the computer so often for classes:


1. Keep the computer screen about an arms length

away from your body, and angle your computer so you look slightly downward

2. Reduce the glare. 

3. Adjust the lighting of your screen so that it isn't too bright & matches the brightness of the surrounding room. 

4. The 20-20-20- Break Rule: Every 20 minutes, look at an object 20 feet away from 20 seconds.

5. Keep the eyes from getting dry––use artificial tears or use a humidifier if you can.

6. Instead of looking at the computer, TV or phone before bed, try reading a book instead. Blue light from the screen may affect your sleep!

This image is from, and shows how to do the 20-20-20 Break Rule. 

Click here or the full list of the American Academy of Ophthalmology's tips.

 Set-Up Your Space


Our tips for setting up your space: 

  • Don't do your homework in your bed (Keep your bed for rest, it's best that way)

  • Try to find a flat surface and a good chair 

  • Post your schedule for your family to see––I've done that in my home so my parents and siblings know when I am in school in an attempt to make our house a little quieter!

How to Sit:

It may sound obvious, but sitting with bad posture can discomfort, aches and pains that might be avoided with proper sitting positioning. To feel your best when using your computer many hours a day, try sitting like this:





Image from Comfortable Portable Computing: The Ergonomic Equation, a whitepaper from Ergotron® 



Think you've got it?

  • Click here to test your ergonomic knowledge with a quiz.

Boston University BUToday Newsletter:

As students and faculty transition to online learning, Boston University has provided some tips for how to feel your best when working from home. Here are some of their tips.  

  • Put something under your feet so your legs don't dangle

  • Avoid the couch. Sitting up is much better for your body than trying to use a computer lying down

  • Try sitting in a chair outside your room to separate work space from rest space.  

To see the whole BUToday Newsletter for all of their tips, click here

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Do you have other tips about working from home?

Please comment below to share your ideas with our community!