Take the Pledge.


Today we are united by a global crisis. Fifty years from now, people will ask us what we did to make a difference. What will you say?

As young adults, we have the chance to make one of the largest contributions in slowing the spread of COVID-19. We are often the leading carriers of this virus and spread it even when we don't feel sick. We may feel invincible, but so many people our age have already been hospitalized because of this disease. Although we may be leaders in spreading COVID-19, together we can also be leaders in slowing it down by staying home and taking social distancing seriously.

We know social distancing works to #flattenthecurve, but people are doing different things all over the world, which can be a bit confusing. That's why Students Against COVID-19 started this #pledgetoprotect as a way to spark conversations that will hopefully make social distancing more clear and a little bit easier. Join us in slowing the spread of the coronavirus by signing this open pledge and taking three steps!


STEP 1. Understand who is in your social circle, including essential, nonessential, and high risk contacts
STEP 2. Understand who you should limit or avoid contact with
STEP 3. Take action by doing at least one of the following:
  • Fill out our worksheet about who is in your social circle to figure out who may be at risk

  • Use our COVID-19 Discussion Guide and Agreement to talk to your close contacts

  • Share this social distancing pledge on social media with the hashtag #pledgetoprotect

Action Items: 


I'm going to map my social circle! 


I'm going to have a conversation with close contacts using the Physical Distancing Discussion Guide! bit.ly/COVID-19discussionguide

I'm going to share the link to this pledge on social media with the hashtag #pledgetoprotect!