How to Stay Social

As displaced students ourselves, we know how difficult it is to be away from our friends and classmates. Social distancing and quarantine can feel very isolating, so we gathered some resources to hopefully make staying in touch easier.


Here are some ways to stay social even at a distance.

Virtual Hang-Outs

Use an online platform or an app to spend time with those you care about. See below for the ones we recommend.

Power Point Parties

Gather a group, and present to each other about... anything! Learn something new and maybe even have a good laugh.

Netflix Watch Parties

Why binge-watch alone when you can binge-watch together? Use Netflix Watch to coordinate watching episodes and use the chat function while you watch.

More Ways to Stay Connected

Have you thought of doing a virtual workout with an accountability partner? What about dress-up for dinner nights? Check out more ideas below.    

Virtual Hang-Outs 

Zoom: an online video conferencing platform to video chat one person, or a group. 

               Click here to get started with Zoom.


Google Hangout: an way to video chat, voice call, or message others through a g-mail account. 

               Click here to get started with Google Hangout. 


Houseparty App: video chat those you care about whenever they are logged onto the app. 

                Click here to get started with Houseparty App.


Power Point Party 

What it is: 

  • Invite people to your online Power Point Party

  • Ask for people to prepare short power point presentations about something they know a lot about or are very passionate about. It can be about anything!

  • Spend time together having fun and learning new things.

How to share: 

  • Zoom may be the best platform. It provides the option for people to share their screen so everyone can present their own power point presentations. 


ProTip: My classmates have organized a weekly Power Point Presentation Party for our cohort before one of our classes. We have used a shared GoogleSheet to create a schedule of dates and time-slots for people to present their chosen topics!

If yo'ure looking for more inspiration, click here for an article by Julie Beck of The Atlantic on how to make your Power Point presentation party special.   


 Netflix Watch Parties


What it is: 

  • Link-up your Netflix shows and movies so everyone can watch the same thing at the same time.

  • There is also a chat-option so you can type reactions to your friends.

How to share: 

Not sure what to watch? 


 More Ways to Stay Connected 

Virtual hang-outs can be so much more than just sitting and talking over a screen.

Why not have a virtual workout accountability partner? Or a book club? What about a virtual trivia night? Or a session of show and tell with random items around your house? 

Nicole Pajer at came up with 40 ways to elevate your virtual social life.

Click here to check out her ideas for how to creatively stay connected. 


Do you have other ways you have been staying connected?

Please comment below to share your ideas with our community!